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Question 1: Do we offer a full decentralized solution on the blockchain?

Question 2: What is the maximum supply of SHA Digital Assets?

Question 3: What solutions do we provide in our Token Utilization?

Question 4: How long does a legal entity need to lock their tokens if they want to use the Safe Haven platform?

Question 5: Can the initiator use the Safe Haven platform without a legal entity?

Question 6: Do we store 100% of the private key, seeds, or passphrases?

Question 7: Is our solution Quantum Computing Proof?

Question 8: What is the Safe Haven TAN (Trust Alliance Network)?

Question 9: Safe Haven holds 10,000,000 SHA Digital Assets after the ICO, how long will they be locked?

In your opinion, what do you consider important and a must have in terms of hardware ledger design (firmware and hardware)?

Seed configuration with a minimum of 24 words or less?

In the case of a private key recovery procedure, how would you want to enter the characters?

U2F (Universal 2 Factor Authentication) standard integration or optional to reduce price?

Exportable firmware for integrity checking.

Large display able to show multiple addresses.

Auditory signal whenever a transaction needs to be validated.

Visual LED signal whenever a transaction needs to be validated.

Minimum 2 button confirmation in order to validate transaction.

Standard configuration of 8 digits.

Making it possible to configure the user attempts threshold (pin code).

Automatic device erasing whenever user attempts passes the configured threshold.

Which coin(s), besides Safe Haven’s SHA & TAN tokens, would you like to see supported?

What is more important to you, a nice looking hardware ledger or security and ease of use?

With your best guess, how many people will participate in our PoR and survey?

Thank you for participating in our survey!
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